Hamburger Harley Days 2017

Some impressions from the Harley Days 2017 in Hamburg. All shots done with the Sony A7II, 24-70f2.8 GM and the 70-200f4. I picked a dark and heavy tone since it fits the scenery.


Schloss Dyck

Another semi sunny Sunday. We went to castle Dyck again which is always a good idea.


Christopher Street Day Düsseldorf 2017 (53 Photos)

The weather was way to hot for my taste but I wanted to try some event shots with the Sony A7II. I used the Sony 70-200f4 and the 24-70f2.8. The CSD parade goes straight through…


Burgers’ Zoo Arnhem

This is a very nice but also very large zoo in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Quite expensive but they offer a pretty cool experience. No special shots during that day. I’m still learning the Sony…


Sächsische Schweiz

Two month ago, we went to the far east of Germany and visited the famous Sächsische Schweiz. We had rather shitty weather and most of these shots are heavy altered (as you can see). Anyway,…


I miss winter

I’m one of these maniacs who enjoy winter more than summer. Today was the first real summer day here in Düsseldorf and I am looking back to January when I made these photos. Sony A7R…


Food Photography

Two month ago, a friend asked me to make some basic food photography for an online shop she is running. It is about Indian pickles which are pre-cooked and send via mail. I have never…


Testing the Sony Alpha A7 II

The Sony Alpha 7r (A7R) is definitely one of the best cameras I have ever used. At least when it comes to quality and size. The only thing I miss from my Nikon (D3, D800)…