Some wildlife shots with the Sigma 150-600mm

There is an old arm of the river Rhein south of Düsseldorf which is now a swamp and filled with birds and goose. Not the best shots but I managed to get some close ups.


The Sigma 150-600mm C on a Sony A7R

I heard about this lens a couple of weeks ago. Sigma is not a brand I would normally buy. Specially when it comes to tele-zooms. However, this lens and his big brother (the sport version)…


A short trip to Timmendorfer Strand

We went on a short trip to the baltic sea before easter. We had one day with bad weather and one day with good. The shots with the pier have been posted before. They were…


The many ways of dealing with colours

My biggest problem with post-processing is the correct colour. Setting a believable skin tone or fixing a cameras orange tint is a big issue for me. I really struggle to get a realistic look to…


43 Images from my Norway trip in 2016

It took me a full year to make this blog post about my large Norway trip in 2016. I came back on this day one year ago. Two weeks in the cold from Trondheim to…


Testing the Sony a7r and the Sony 70-200 f4 in a zoo.

It works but I miss my Nikon 300mm f2.8. Unfortunately, the Nikon lens does not work well on the Sony and Sonys own 300mm f2.8 it out of reach, at least for me.


Sauerland & Snow

A trip to my former home because we don’t have snow here in Düsseldorf. Camera: Sony a7r Lenses: Sony 28/2, Sony 70-200/4, Zeiss Loxia 50/2


Duisburger Seenplatte / Testing the Sony 70-200f4 SEL70200G

Calumet in Düsseldorf has a large set of lenses for rent. Also a bunch of Sony lenses. I took the 70-200mm f4 for the weekend for only 20Euro which is a great price for just…